Make the Most out of Your Time

The average life expectancy in the U.S. is now 79 years, which equals 948 months, which is only 28,835 days. Factor in sleep, family time, working a full time job and you realize that you cannot afford to let a single day go by wasted. 

Time is the only thing in life that no person, no matter how much money they have, will ever get back, and so many people choose to let it slip through their fingers, while the top 10% of the population manages their time centered around their legacy. The beautiful thing is once you start to manage your time around accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, the world is yours. Here is how some of the most powerful and effective people alive organize their life so that they don't let a second go to waste.

  1. Create a time audit - take 1 week and write down how you spend your time every day. This will make it easy for you to see which how much of your time is spent on tasks that waste time that you'll be able to replace with something productive.
  2. Set a time limit for each task- Setting a time limit for everything you do will keep you busy, energized, and will allow you to organize your days, weeks, and months in advance. This I find helpful for entrepreneurs who have most of their day and time to themselves.
  3. To-Do lists- This is a common tool a lot of people use to help them prioritize their days. Take the most time sensitive tasks and get them done as soon as possible, and leave the rest of your day to get the tasks done that you're able to take your time with.
  4. Limit your availability- Understand that you're a person of high value, make it a priority to commit yourself to your goals and leave all of the bullsh*t for someone worth less. Once you start treating yourself as a successful person and working like one, others will soon follow. This technique will also inadvertently increase your value to others by limiting the supply of yourself.
  5. "Do something while you're doing nothing"- Aside from being the best quote from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, This uncle Rico quote has a lot of wisdom behind it. Imagine you're driving home from  long day at work. You have a 30 minute drive home where your dog needs to be walked, the laundry has to be folded, and you have to pack your bag for the gym and make your lunch for the following day. You have two options, 1. turn on some sad music, tell yourself how much stuff you have to do before bed, get anxious and ruin your next day, or 2. you can turn on cast or listen to an audiobook, stimulate your mind, and prepare yourself to get better tomorrow. 

Dom Kennedy said it best, "The best way to secure the future is to create it" Take these tips and secure your future.